This is not a festival, yet this might be more than just another ‘bal’ – it’s up to you!

For various reasons we’ve decided that in 2019 Lovembal will not be happening as a few days festival. Instead, we’d like to invite you to a series of smaller events that will focus on dance workshops and feature a ball with great live music. Join us for the second Lovembal 2019 for the weekend of 17-19th of May!


This time we offer you a choice of eight dance workshops, which will be given by four different teachers, besides of course there is a ball with excellent live music and afterparties. There will also be music workshops, you’ll find more information about them after 22.04.
The overall schedule, which may still change slightly, looks like this



The presale has ended.

Tickets for workshops and balls will also be available for purchase on the spot – before the workshops and before and during the balls. 
For the workshops – the number of available places is rather small, so those interested in purchasing their last-minute offer are requested to come at least 15 minutes before the classes start.
Fullpasses were available only in presale.

* The reduced rates

If the full price would be a reason not to come for Lovembal, please choose the reduced rate.

However, please remember the festival is run non-profit – all the fees are covering the costs of the artist, teachers, venues and other costs directly tied to the festival production. All the organizers work as volunteers and sadly our association doesn’t receive any funding. For this edition, we’re also not running a crowdfunding campaign.
If you can spare a dime more for the regular price, please consider doing so. It will keep us calmer when we’re preparing the event for You!


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ul. Przybyszewskiego 56, Poznań
↣ 17.05 G. 19:00-21:00 dance workshops LOLLOWERS & FLEADERS
↣ 18.05 G. 19:00-21:00 dance workshops ENJOY THE RONDEAU(X)
↣ 18.05 G. 21:00-02:00 BALL – SPRINKLE BLIZZARD, NHAC!

ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, entry code: 7 [key] 4934
↣ 17.05 G. 21:30-00:30 BEFORE/AFTER PARTY
↣ 18.05 all dance workshops taking place from 11:00 to 16:30
↣ 19.05 all dance and musical workshops

ul. Małe Garbary 2, Poznań
↣ 19.05 G. 19:00-23:30 AFTER AFTER PARTY


▫️ FRIDAY 17.05.2019 ▫️

19:00-21:00 DANCE WORKSHOPS – FLEADERS & LOLLOWERS – couple dances | Saskia Sportel | KLUB RONDO, ul. Przybyszewskiego 56, Poznań

21:30-00:30 BEFORE/AFTER PARTY DJ-Bal (party with music played by DJ) | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: ‘wielka’ (on the left from the staircase)

▫️ SATURDAY 18.05.2019 ▫️

11:00-14:00 DANCE WORKSHOPS – BRANLE BÉARNAIS – basics | Saskia Sportel | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: ‘wielka’

11:00-14:00 DANCE WORKSHOPS – BRANLE Z BÉARN IN COUPLE | Daniel Detammaecker | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: biała (white)

14:30-16:30 DANCE WORKSHOPS – POSTRUE & FRAME – couple dances | Remi Kesteman | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: ‘wielka’

14:30-16:30 DANCE WORKSHOPS – SLÄNGPOLSKA | Dominik Wóltański i Małgorzata Baran | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: biała (white)

19:00-21:00 DANCE WORKSHOPS – ENJOY THE RONDEAU(X) – dances from Gascony | Daniel Detammaecker | KLUB RONDO, ul. Przybyszewskiego 56, Poznań

21:00-02:00 Bal with SPRINKLE BLIZZARD & NHAC! + afterparty | KLUB RONDO, ul. Przybyszewskiego 56, Poznań

▫️ SUNDAY 19.05.2019 ▫️

11:00-14:00 DANCE WORKSHOPS – CREATIVITY IN DANCE – couple dances | Remi Kesteman | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: ‘wielka’

12:00-14:00 MUSIC WORKSHOPS – MUSIC OF CENTRAL FRANCE | Eulalie Hupin | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, room: biała (white)

14:30-17:30 DANCE WORKSHOPS – VERTICALITY I RHYTHM – couple dances | Saskia Sportel | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, 1 floor, room: ‘wielka’

14:30-16:30 MUSIC WORKSHOPS – CADENCES FROM GASCONY | Daniel Detammeacker | RETRO DANCE STUDIO, ul. Wielka 19/7, Poznań, room: biała (white)

19:00-23:30 AFTER AFTER PARTY DJ-Bal (party with music played by DJ) | CASA BUENA, ul, Małe Garbary 2, Poznań

MUSIC WORKSHOPS – 19.05.2019

This time we want to invite you for a meeting with musical forms close to traditional playing in central and south-western France.

Knowing the rhythms, accents or ornaments typical for the traditional music in these regions can be an excellent base also for those who want to play or create contemporary compositions for dances such as rondeau, branle or bourrée.

Two great teachers will introduce you to the secrets of playing for dancing – detailed information can be found below.

19.05.2019 SUNDAY, 14:30-16:30 |

1 workshop 60 ZŁ (approx. 13,5 €)
2 workshops PLN 100 (approx. 23 €)

You can still join the workshops if you’re able to pick up a simple melody by ear. Please come at least 15 minutes before the classes start.

19.05.2019 SUNDAY 12:00-14:00

During the workshop we will work on danceability with the traditional repertoire of central France and specially bourrée on 2 and 3 as a starting point, we will put our focus on cadence, accents, phrasing, ornaments.

Required level: to be able to pick up a simple tune by ear quickly. Open to all melodic instruments. There will be no sheet music for the workshop, but a recording of the tunes will be provided in advance.

Eulalie Hupin as an autodidact singer and accordion player has been roaming the folk landscape for many years collecting songs, tunes and dances. She lost her heart to the music and dances of central France. You can hear her play most often in a duo – Glaneurs du Sons and in a quintet (usually) – Sprinkle Blizzard.




The aim of this workshop is to get to know the possible cadences, structures and accentuations typical for rondeaux and if time allows – also branles of Gascony. The melodies will be provided beforehand. You should have a good basic level on your own instrument (you know how to play in different keys and play 2 octaves). Open to all instruments.

Daniel ‘Padpé’ Detammaecker is one of the great specialists of the ball repertoire from the south of France. Currently, he plays in the following groups: NHAC!, Clica Dròna, Tripoux, Tchintcholhibus, DuoBois e Co., NonStop Project. As an accomplished dancer, he captures the essence of what makes each dance unique and distinctive.

DANCE WORKSHOPS 17 – 19.05.2019

We kindly ask you to read the workshops descriptions carefully – some of the classes are available for people with little experience, or even a complete lack of it (although good coordination and body awareness will be helpful here).
However, for some classes, it will be advisable to have specific, mentioned skills that will allow you – and the whole group as well! – to benefit fully from the proposed workshops.

The groups will count circa 30 participants.

You can still join the workshops. Please come at least 15 minutes before the classes start.

Lollowers & Fleaders | Saskia Sportel | 17.05.2019, 19:00-21:00

How about switching roles in dance… while dancing?! For some this means going out of your comfort zone, which requires confidence and safety. We will cover three practical things to help with that:

1. How to propose a role switch while dancing – leaders perspective.
2. How to propose a role switch while dancing – follower’s perspective.
3. How to switch back.

And very importantly, we will go into topics such as: How do you check if your partner is okay with this? And what do you do if you are the partner and you are not okay with this.

You don’t need to have a previous experience with switching roles in dance, but you should be open to the concept to profit

Branle Béarnais – introduction | Saskia Sportel | 18.05.2019, g. 11:00-14:00

Come to this workshop and you’ll discover one of the more illustrious dances from the south-west of France. This dance has a wonderful cadence and collectivity to it. In the workshop we will start at the beginning and build up from there. A branle béarnais – or branle de la vallée d’Ossau – can be danced either in chain or couple and in the workshop we will focus on the version in chain.

Branle Béarnais in couple | Daniel Detammaecker | 18.05.2019, g. 11:00-14:00

Branle was a famous and well known dance in all the Béarn/Biarn area, but recently its practice is concentrated only in the Ossau Valley. During this workshop we will practise the specific rhythms and typical bouncing, accent emphasizing the link between the music to create a strong collective atmosphere. We will focus on the couple form, but we will also dance in circle and chains to rework the basics.

This is a workshops for people who already learned the branle (in its form in chains) and dance it whenever they can!

Posture & Frame | Remi Kesteman | 18.05.2019, 14:30-16:30

Dancing in a couple can be one of the most rewarding feelings in a bal. It can also be one of the most frustrating, if proper care is not given to the way our body moves. In this workshop we will focus on developing the posture, work on our balance, develop a steady frame and make us look so light on your feet that we just might end up hovering over the dancefloor with our partner.

What you need:
– the will to try new things
– being open to both follow and lead
What you don’t need:
– previous dancing experience
– amazing coordination
– a dance partner

Slängpolska dance it like a pro | Dominik Wóltański i Małgorzata Baran | 18.05.2019, 14:30-16:30

Slängpolska is a Swedish dance, popular especially in Smaland. The first impression of people watching dancers of slängpolska is freedom, incredible opportunity to express ones ideas and a variety of figures.

Its characteristic features are a fixed division into a figure part and rotating. Nevertheless, in recent years, when separated from the preserved sources, this dance has become very popular and evolved.

During the workshops, we will learn and explore the essence of slängpolska dance – the rhythm, pulse and spinning technique. The learning process will focus on the consolidation of basic dance practices to make the movements predictable and easy to understand in a couple. We will learn the figures and their variations so that each of our slängpolska on the dance floor will be a unique composition and we will be curious about each next one.

Enjoy the rondeau(x) | Daniel Detammaecker | 18.05.2019, 19:00-21:00

The objective of this workshop is to have fun with rondeau – both in the version in couple and in chains. The assumed level is ‘open’ – so there will be some time for learning or revising the basics, as well as the time to elaborate some details and variations. We will aim to enjoy the collective ensemble in relation to the music.

Creativity | Remi Kesteman | 19.05.2019, 11:00-14:00

The path to creativity in dance is a never ending process. But luckily, it is within everyone’s reach: curiosity is key, experimenting is vital, having fun is the goal.

In this workshop, we will take a look at the elements of dance : what is the core , what is peripheral , how those elements interact with each other, and how can we use them all in a cocktail of creativity to find our own moves and ways to dance with our partners.

Attending the Posture & Frame workshop isn’t mandatory but recommended for this workshop.

What you’ll need:
– a good understanding of scottish, mazurka and waltz – experience in both leading and following
– a set of ears
– being able to challenge what you know
What you won’t need:
– musical training
– a dancing partner

Verticality & rhythm | Saskia Sportel | 19.05.2019, 14:30-17:30

There are so many ways to spice up or smooth-down your dance. Preferably in connection with your dance partner. Verticality deals with variations on movements in the vertical plane. This is something that can be used as variation, styling and communication in both a leader role and follower role, as well as individually (in dances such as rondeau and bourrée). For example, verticality is a great way to initiate and communicate rhythmic variations. So you can be assured that you will get to experience a lot of fun rhythmical obscurities! We will practice verticality mostly in scottish and mazurka – an easy with basic forms of these dances is required.
You might dance differently than you ever did before! Worth a try.



This is a common theme of both music workshops during this edition of Lovembal.

We’d like to invite you to participate in two types of classes: one – focused on techniques for violin and the other – more universal, for all instruments.

The repertoire will focus on the “classics of balfolk” such as: scottish, mazurka, a mixer-type dance and maybe a 3 times bourrée and how to play them with proper energy and accentuation. In the case of violin workshops, the selection of songs might be slightly narrower, to save more time on ornaments and technical elements (bowing, phrasing). The violinists are encouraged to take part in both workshops – the second day class will surely help to consolidate the material as well as give a wider approach to it in combination with different instruments.

The workshop tunes will be given in advance and the participants should be able to play them.

Our teacher – Valère Passeri – is the violinist in Ballsy Swing, previously also in Le Sextet à Claques, who has experience both in traditional music and more contemporary arrangements and own compositions.

22/02/2019 FRIDAY 18: 00-19: 30 – VIOLIN

23/02/2019 SATURDAY 13: 00-15: 00 – ALL INSTRUMENTS

1 workshop: 60 ZŁ
2 workshops: 100 ZŁ


In case of questions or doubts – please reach out to us at: info@lovembal.pl

Image 2019

Image 2019


All the dance workshops are suited for dancers having already some experience and wanting to improve their skills.

We don’t expect you to sign up for the workshops in pairs, but please pay attention that in the case of two workshops focusing on dance technique in couple dances: LET’S OPEN …! and PLAYING WITH YOUR FRAME, CONNECTION AND BALANCE IN MAZURKA you should be able to lead and follow on the most basic level.

The groups will count circa 30 participants.

MARCHOISES – DANCES FROM POITOU | 22.02.2019 | Friday | 19:00–21:00
Teacher: LucasThébaut
Location: KLUB RONDO, ul. Przybyszewskiego 56, Poznań

Initiation and discovery of the marchoises, the regional form of 3 times bourrée coming from Haut-Poitou

These dances of the center-west of France are the ideal choice for amateurs of vigorous expression in a dance. Get ready for a playful, varied and extremely dynamic repertoire.

No previous experience with 3 times bourrée is required, however you should be prepared fora lot of turning and some intensive dancing.

You’ll need a pair of knees in good condition, two feet kept firmly on the ground and above all unlimited dose of good mood 🙂

BOURRÉE IN 2 TIMES – ADD EVEN MORE FUN TO IT | 23.02.2019 | Saturday | 11:00–14:00
Teacher: Elena Leibbrand
Location: SALSA SIEMPRE, Św. Marcin 24, Poznań

Let’s meet on bourrée-playground and learn some choreographies! Simple enough to remember, practical enough to dance at any ball, fun (of course!) and also including some challenges for the more advanced dancers.

If needed, Elena might review some bourrée-basics to begin with, but the participants should have some basic knowledge of the dance in its most common form.

LET’S OPEN! | 23.02.2019 | Saturday | 14:30–17:30
Teacher: Lucas Thébaut
Location: SALSA SIEMPRE, Św. Marcin 24, Poznań

The aim is to focus on the posture of an ‘open couple’, very common in Latin dance, swing, etc. but relatively rare in folk dance. This workshop will offer exercises around fundamental notions essential for a form of improvisation in couple dances. 

To participate and benefit from these workshops you should be able to lead and follow without difficulty the basic forms of scottish, mazurka and waltz.

Teacher: Elena Leibbrand
Location: SALSA SIEMPRE, Św. Marcin 24, Poznań

How to make any mazurka 10 times more interesting without any figures, rhythmical variations or tricks? Just using consciousness of the frame, connection to your partner and your own balance – in short: a very good technique. You’ll get a chance to analyze and improve your skills and afterward, you should be able to add these ‘frame-games’ to any of your actual habits, in mazurka and any other couple dance.

To participate and benefit from these workshops you should be able to lead and follow without difficulty the basic forms of mazurka.

*due to the great interest we have decided to add a second option to participate in workshops devoted to this subject – they will take place on February 23, the program will be the same

Teacher: Elena Leibbrand
Location: SALSA SIEMPRE, Św. Marcin 24, Poznań

Tickets will be on sale on Sunday 13.01. at 12:00 (noon) on the site: https://bilety.balfolkpoznan.pl/en/

Due to the “extra” status of these workshops and the capacity of the room, these workshops are NOT included in the FULLPASS package. 



Photo: Véronique Chochon Photographies

Lucas is musician and dancer from the Haute-Poitou region. Co-founder and member of many important and well-known bal folk bands, including Duo Thébaut, Le Gros Trio and Ballsy Swing. He also performs with a solo program, in which he skillfully combines virtuoso mastering of the instrument with a perfect sense of the mood of the listeners and dancers.

He’s been regularly invited to lead dance workshops, among others at the biggest bal folk festivals in France, Belgium and Portugal, which are very popular among the participants. His specialties are dances from his native Poitou region and dance technique in couple dances, for the latter he often draws inspirations from other dance styles (eg latino, swing), and above all from his outstanding creativity.

ELENA LEIBBRAND – EleDanse – Belgium

Photo: Fot. René Schaeffer

Elena has been trained in a wide range of dance styles since 1995, from traditional to social and contemporary dances. In 2011, she started teaching folk dances (with FrisseFolk) with great enthusiasm and passion. In May 2018, she launched her own dance school, EleDanse, where she offers classes, workshops, and folk balls.

Whether when teaching in Brussels for her weekly classes or during her workshops in Belgium and abroad, Elena aims to pass on to others what makes dancing so special to her, namely that subtle combination of human warmth, exploration of movement, precision and tradition of the form/style, improvisation and playful atmosphere!

She enjoys both the great potential for improvisation offered by more contemporary dances such as folk, Latin dances and impro, as well as what surrounds the more traditional dances, with their specific beauty, their precision, and their connection to a territory – as she experienced and learned herself thanks to the great generosity of some dance masters.

In Folk & Trad, she has a soft spot for bourrées, waltzes, dances of the Bal Musette, as well as those from the South-west of France. She is also involved in two contemporary dance groups, one as a choreographer, and the other one as a dancer.

You can learn more about her and her activities on the website: http://eledanse.be/